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APRIL International is proud to introduce a brand new service on our Easy Claim app. In collaboration with our medical partner Teladoc Health, our members now have the opportunity to get in touch with a medical practitioner directly from the app, whether it is for a simple consultation or to request a second medical opinion.

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At APRIL, our mission is to make insurance easier for you everyday. Your new TeleHEALTH service will allow you to access quality healthcare from the comfort of your home, your office or while traveling abroad. 

Who is eligible for this service?

All members under MyHEALTH and MyHEALTH Business policies in Hong Kong and Singapore are eligible for TeleHEALTH.

Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines members also have access to a free teleconsultation service to support you during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Talk to a doctor 

TeleDOC%20-%20Talk%20to%20a%20Doctor.pngGet confidential, professional advice from a licensed professional physician for general everyday health questions. Save a trip of going to the clinic! Make a request to the physician callback service to ask about medications, illness, fever, rash, and more.

Examples of questions:

  • I just had a health check-up and don’t understand a part of the report. Can you please review it with me?
  • I’ve been vomiting for the last two days and have a fever. Should I go see my doctor?
  • I have had an itchy, red rash on my legs for a week. What is it and what can I do about it?

Our physician callback service is a powerful way to access professional medical advice from the convenience of your home, the office or even while you are traveling.

How does it work? From the homepage on your Easy Claim app, click on the "Telehealth" button, then select "Call back from a physician" and fill in all the required fields. A notification will be sent to our health partner and a doctor will call you back within the next 3 hours!

Request a Second Medical Opinion  

TeleDOC%20-%20Request%20a%20Second%20Medical%20Opinion.pngHave you or a loved one been diagnosed with an illness or injury? The Second Medical Opinion service empowers you to make informed medical decisions through unparalleled access to over 50,000 medical experts practicing around the world.

Use the Second Medical Opinion:

  • to better understand or validate a medical condition.
  • when diagnosed with a medical condition such as a knee or back injury, or even cancer, and want to learn about treatment alternatives.
  • to help make a critical medical decision.
  • to seek a second opinion regarding your treatment options.

Once enrolled into the program, you will be assigned your own personal Physician Case Manager who will guide you each step of the way. Experts will review your medical history and records, and give valuable insight and their opinion of your situation. Your Physician Case Manager will explain to you the comprehensive, detailed medical report. Enjoy professional, personalised service through Second Medical Opinion’s independent and objective medical assessment.

How does it work? From the homepage on Easy Claim, click on the "Telehealth" button, then select "Second Medical Opinion" and fill in all the required fields. A notification will be sent to our health partner and a doctor will call you back within the next 24 hours to discuss your case in more details. A full medical report will then be emailed to you within 10 days.

Download Easy Claim now: 
Easy Claim on the Apple App StoreEasy Claim on the Google Play Store

Because it's always easier to discuss about your health in your mother tongue, our services are available in 12 languages.

Still got any questions about Telehealth? Get in touch with your insurance broker or with a member of our team.

Telehealth is included in all our Hong Kong health insurance plans, regardless your level of cover or module you chose. Find out more today about our plans for individuals and families, SMEs or larger groups!  

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