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APRIL International recently updated our international health insurance plans in Singapore, enhancing benefits, options and network access to make using your plan easier than ever.

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In order to make sure we’re providing our members with the quality of coverage they deserve, we try to make sure we update our plans regularly to improve highly used benefits, while also ensuring a wide variety of cost-saving options to improve affordability. We are happy to introduce two new options: individuals and groups can now choose to receive care from a list of specified providers in exchange for a substantial premium discount and our MyHEALTH Business plan for SMEs now includes a new and more affordable level of cover for SMEs.

Benefit Upgrades to our Individual and SME Plans

This year we have upgraded a wide range of benefits in the inpatient and outpatient modules of our MyHEALTH plan for individuals and families, as well as our MyHEALTH Business plan for SMEs. Our MyHEALTH line of products are modular, allowing you to choose from Essential, Extensive or Elite levels of cover from our Hospital & Surgery, Outpatient, Maternity and Dental & Optical plan modules.

Inpatient Coverage

  • Included full coverage of endoscopic examinations such as colonoscopy and laparoscopy under our scans and tests benefit
  • Increased the amount of money you’ll receive as part of the hospital cash benefit on all levels of plans
  • Added coverage for stem cell treatment on Extensive and Elite Hospitals & Surgery plans
  • More than doubled the amount of out of area cover you’ll have

Outpatient Coverage

  • 20% co-insurance is waived when you visit a provider in our panel network
  • Tripled the amount of coverage for physiotherapy on Essential levels of cover
  • Increased the overall limit for complementary medicine and traditional Chinese medicine
  • Added coverage for Ayurvedic treatments
  • Increased the amount of coverage Extensive and Elite modules offer for vaccinations

Specified Providers

In addition to expanding and improving our plan’s benefits, we also added a new Specified Providers network option for people interested in additional cost savings.

When selected, you will be covered for planned treatments only in our network of hospitals in Singapore and Hong Kong, while enjoying a 15% discount on your premium. Outside of Singapore, you will still have full freedom to choose your hospital for planned surgeries provided that the costs are in line with our specified providers’ pricing.

Introducing the new group health insurance option – the Core Plan

A new addition to our MyHEALTH Business group health insurance product is the Core plan, which provides companies an affordable international coverage option for their staff.

It offers a perfect solution for companies who would otherwise have an international health insurance policy for senior management or expat employees, and a basic health insurance plan for the rest of staff; providing international coverage with different benefits in one easily managed and affordable plan.

Employees on the Core plan have access to private hospital rooms for planned treatments in Singapore and Hong Kong through our network of Specified Providers. The plan also covers your employees for planned hospitalisations throughout ASEAN + India, with worldwide coverage for accidents and emergencies. The Core plan also offers a SGD 750 cash benefit for any surgery or invasive endoscopic examination as a day-patient as well as full cancer coverage at the National Cancer Centre Singapore.

With outpatient coverage, Core plan members can receive cashless treatment through our extensive panel network of over 1,200 providers in Singapore, complete with direct billing. Additionally, employees with Essential, Extensive, or Elite outpatient cover have their co-insurance waived when using our panel network.

Learn more about your international health insurance options in Singapore

Whether you’re looking to protect yourself, your family or your employees, APRIL International can help find you the right international health insurance plan. Our plans are fully admitted onshore in Singapore and in compliance with the MAS, making them available for expats and Singaporean nationals alike. You can learn more about our MyHEALTH line of products in Singapore by contacting us today, or reading more information on the following product pages:

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