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APRIL International Care has your needs and those of your family at heart. In these uncertain times, we want to make sure that you have the exact cover and benefits you need to protect you and your loved ones.  To do so, we delve deeper into solutions APRIL can offer and increases of benefits to help prevent illness and disease.

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Our new and improved service offerings

Our hard work to improve our international health insurance products and servicing has recently been recognised and APRIL has already been presented with 5 awards in 2020 at the Global Banking and Finance awards and the Insurance Asia Awards:

  1. Best Individual Health Insurance Company Asia Pacific 2020,
  2. Best Health Insurance Product for MyHEALTH,
  3. Best Health Insurance App for Easy Claim,
  4. Marketing Initiative of the year for Easy Claim,
  5. Service Initiative of the Year for our TeleHEALTH service.

We also introduced this year our TeleHEALTH service to allow our members to receive professional medical advice from thousands of doctors from the comfort of their own homes – a service particularly valuable in the current situation. Because of the pandemic, the demand for teleconsultation is booming in Asia and clients feel more and more comfortable using it for many common illnesses that can be self-treated at home.

Introducing new enhancements for individual & family health insurance

We have made significant changes to our MyHEALTH international health insurance product in Singapore, including major upgrades of our Elite cover and the introduction of new health screening coverage. These new and improved benefits are available to all our new and renewing members from 1st August 2020. If you are an existing MyHEALTH Singapore member, this benefit will be available at renewal.

MyHEALTH Elite Cover: best value for premium benefits

Increased annual limit

Elite is the highest level of cover for MyHEALTH and offers extreme value in terms of benefits. The annual cover limit has been increased this year from SG$4.5 million to SG$6 million.

Higher out of area cover

Out of area cover has also been increased to SG$250,000, meaning Elite members are now covered up to that amount for sudden illnesses or injuries occurring in the United States. While travelling is not really on the agenda this year, this increase means that you may enjoy a reasonable cover for any incident arising in the US, even your area of cover is Worldwide excluding the USA.

Comprehensive outpatient and wellness package

We have also increased the value of our Elite outpatient cover which now offers higher benefit limits, allowing our members to maintain their health on a day to day basis and have complete freedom in choosing their medical providers.

New health screenings benefits to all levels of coverage

Another innovative improvement is preventative health screening benefits for adults and children, which are particularly relevant in the current climate, tapping into the view that early diagnosis is increasingly important for many healthcare issues.

Prevention is at the core of our outpatient benefits

We are introducing new preventative screening benefits for adults available to all MyHEALTH Singapore members*, including pap smears, mammograms and prostate screening, covered up to SG$300 under our Inpatient module. These tests must be undertaken within APRIL International Care’s panel network, composed of 1,200 medical facilities in Singapore. Improved coverage for adult health screenings are available with our Outpatient modules, with higher benefits limits and no restriction of medical provider.

Comprehensive health insurance benefits to look after your family

To give you peace of mind while raising your family, a new child health check benefit is now also available and supplements our existing checkup and vaccinations benefits. This means that you may enjoy even higher benefit limits to monitor your children’s health as they grow up.

Both adult preventive health screening and child health screening benefits are fully covered for Elite members.

If you wish to find out more about the recent changes on MyHEALTH, or to learn more about the flexible range of coverage options available with a MyHEALTH Singapore plan get in touch with your preferred broker or with a member of our team!

If you'd like to explore coverage options and pricing, you can use our online funnels to build your own plan for you and your family; selecting different benefits and coverage levels for individual families and much more.

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