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Improving health insurance service standards through digital innovation
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Using the Easy Claim app is not only more convenient for our members - it also enables faster claims processing. In 2020, 71% of medical claims in Asia were submitted on the app, allowing our team to treat each request more efficiently and ensure prompt reimbursements. This year, we aspire to progressively move toward a completely electronic claims process and will continue to work on helping our members make the most of the innovative insurance tools at their disposal to decrease the number of claims submissions and other requests via paper and outdated systems.

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Digital innovation at the service of our members

Since the launch of our Easy Claim app in 2017, our aim has been to seamlessly fit our services into our members’ lifestyles and provide accessibility and convenience. We started out by addressing our members’ main pain point by introducing a simplified claims submission process. Our strategy for high service quality is to simplify all medical insurance processes by using technology, for a hassle-free experience every time.

Our Easy Claim app has been instrumental in achieving this. Since the launch of our app, we have introduced several useful features such as:

  • Electronic insurance cards (e-card) and a medical providers search function: members can search for a doctor within our direct billing network directly on the app and show their e-card to service providers upon arrival for cashless access.
  • TeleHEALTH - a service which allows our members to get in touch with a doctor anytime, anywhere through a partnership with virtual care leader Teladoc Health.
  • Electronic pre-approval requests for planned hospitalisations. Pre-approval allows us firstly to make sure the treatment is covered and medically necessary, and secondly to place a “Letter of Guarantee” with your chosen healthcare provider. This feature means we can respond to our members quickly and provide them peace of mind with the pre-approval ensuring there are no unexpected financial surprises or large out-of-pocket expenses.

Smoother claims and information access in 2021

To further improve our members' experience we are striving to equip them with everything they need from their international health insurance coverage at the touch of a button. In 2021, we are working on making improvements to the app for smoother access to features including:

  1. Visible tracking of the claims process - members will be able to follow the progress of their claims on the app while they are being processed.
  2. Editing submitted claims - members will be able to edit claims via the app, if there is missing information or there are supporting documents needed, for example.
  3. Easy and instant updating of personal and vital information via the app. This minimises the need for back and forth communication via customer service calls and saves time for members.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our strategy

To take our service to the next level, we have been actively sourcing feedback from our members and using it to improve the user experience of Easy Claim. As such, the functionality of future updates to the app in 2021 and beyond will be directly driven by the users feedback. This fosters a sense of community, honesty and transparency which directly mirrors APRIL International’s values.

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