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#WeCare Episode 5
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At APRIL, we have our heart set on supporting and protecting people when it truly matters. We are committed to offering our members the best digital tools of the market and strong human support whenever they are facing a medical situation.

As our partners are our best advocates, Raffles and IHP, two of our long-term medical providers, share their stories on how they work with APRIL to give their patients access to the best care possible.

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Providing Efficient and Quality Service Through Digitalisation

“At APRIL, the essence of our role is to support and protect people when it matters. Our mission is to give them easy access to care. Our services are specifically created to answer their needs.

With one click on the Easy Claim app, they may get in touch with a doctor, request a second medical opinion, search a medical provider around them and submit their claims for reimbursement.



And because technology alone can’t replace the human touch, our dedicated team is there to support our members when they face a medical situation.

We will accompany them to find the most suitable treatments, the right providers to treat them, and settle their cost of treatments directly, so they have nothing to worry about except their health.” Diane RICART, COO of APRIL International Care Asia.

Providing Efficient and Quality Service Through Digitalisation

Raffles Medical Group is a leading integrated healthcare provider in Asia serving patients across 14 cities in five countries. We own and operate a network of family clinics and hospitals.

Raffles has been partnering APRIL International since 2008, supporting APRIL’s members with the best care possible. Our collaboration has also provided our joint clients across Asia with enhanced patient experience such as the convenience of Direct Billing and more accessible healthcare.

We look forward to growing our partnership and to continue to deliver our quality healthcare services to all members.” Dr Morrison LOH, Raffles Medical Group.

Collaborating with IHP, the largest panel provider in Singapore to offer accessible, quality healthcare to APRIL members

IHP is the largest panel provider in Singapore, with 1,000 clinics spread island-wide. We aspire to make accessible, affordable healthcare to all patients.

All APRIL members are eligible for cashless access within our network of GP and specialist clinics. All they have to do is show their member card at the reception and our team will connect the dots. There is no upfront payment and we hold ourselves accountable in ensuring the patient journey is seamless.

Through our experience across different countries in APAC, we continue to empower patients’ autonomy and improve lives.” Dr Zareen A ZAMRI, Lead of Clinical Operations, IHP.


APRIL is always evolving to meet the needs of its members and ensure that they have access to only the best healthcare services.

To learn more about our highly mobile and tailorable health insurance plans, take a look at our previous #WeCare episodes here.

If you are currently looking for health insurance coverage for yourself or for your family, you can find out more about our MyHEALTH plans, and feel free to contact us to receive a quote today.

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