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#WeCare Episode 4
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At APRIL, we are always evolving to meet the needs of our corporate clients. In this episode of #WeCare, discover how APRIL helps corporates address new health challenges through one unique digital solution.

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Providing Accessible and Up-to-Date Healthcare Solutions for Employees

“Today’s working environment is drastically changing. Increased usage of new technologies, remote workplaces and reduced in-person interactions, employees needs have evolved, and their access to healthcare must adapt.

We believe that companies deserve more than traditional healthcare plans. At APRIL, we help them address new health challenges through one unique digital solution.” Diane RICART, COO of APRIL International Care Asia.



A Unique Digital Tool for Corporates

“We partnered with Teladoc Health, a leading telehealth provider servicing 51 million members in more than 175 countries. We help corporates support their employees by providing them with top-quality healthcare services, all available at their fingertips via our Easy Claim app.

We put them in touch with licensed doctors, medical experts, psychologists, at the time and place of their choice. With our Employee Assistance Program, accessing healthcare has never been simpler.”

APRIL is constantly upgrading to help corporates assist their employees amidst a rapidly changing work environment.  

To learn more about our highly mobile and tailorable health insurance plans for employees, take a look at our previous #WeCare episode here.

If you are currently looking for health insurance coverage for your employees in Asia, you can find out more about our YourHEALTH Business plans, and feel free to contact us to receive a quote today.

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