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At APRIL, we work hand-in-hand with companies to ensure a well-rounded employee benefits experience. In this new episode of #WeCare, discover how we create a stable insurance model for employees in today's ever-changing workplace. 

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Tailorable Health Insurance Plan for Employees

These past few years, protecting employees has become increasingly complex for companies. Workplaces have evolved at a very fast pace, and so did the needs of their workforce. 

At APRIL, we work hand in hand with companies to help them create a better, smarter employee benefits experience while optimising their costs. 

To manage costs efficiently, we offer flexible benefits that can be tailored by country and by category of employees. Through our regional expertise, we help them create a stable insurance model both in terms of benefits and pricing. We always work closely with our clients and healthcare professionals to guarantee sustainable prices.

Because employees are increasingly mobile, our plans offer them the same protection wherever they are in the world.

Digital Tools at the service of our members

Along with the transformation of workplaces, the access to healthcare has also evolved to become more digital-driven. With a simple click, our members can get a free consultation with a licensed doctor or even book a session with a psychologist. They also have access to the best digital tools of the market to enable quick and easy reimbursement of their claims. And in case of hospitalisation, our team will support them every step of the way and work with hospitals to settle their costs of treatment. 

This is how APRIL helps companies look after their employees in today’s ever-changing workplace.

If you want to discover more about the user-friendly functionality our Easy Claim app offers our members, you can learn more in our previous #WeCare episode here.

If you are currently looking for health insurance coverage for your employees in Asia, you can find out more about our MyHEALTH Business plans, and feel free to contact us to receive a quote today.


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