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#WeCare Episode 2
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In the second episode of our #WeCare series, discover how we transform our customer experience and make claiming smooth and easy for our clients. At APRIL, we are committed to offering them the best digital tools of the market to submit their claims for reimbursement and ensure that they will be treated in a timely and efficient manner. 

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Digital innovation at the service of our clients 

"At APRIL, we make it our mission to deliver a better healthcare experience. To do so, we offer our clients the best mix of digital tools and human touch. Our mobile app, Easy Claim, allows them to submit their medical claims in just a few clicks. All they have to do is go to the clinic, take a picture of their invoices and send them through the app. Using the app is not only more convenient for our members - it also enables faster claims reimbursement. Our team of experts will receive each request and process them in a timely manner. All claims submitted on the app are settled in a few days only, and our members can follow the status of their reimbursement anywhere, anytime, directly on the app. This is how we use technology to drive service standards for our customers." Fiona Ji, Senior Sales Manager at APRIL International Asia. 


Listen to Maria-Jose (Pacific Prime) share her experience of working with APRIL

"An insurance company and their key broker partner should be closely aligned. So, it’s no coincidence that APRIL’s slogan is “Insurance Made Easy”, and Pacific Prime’s is “Simplifying Insurance”. We’re speaking the same language, and we’re making the same commitment to the end client.

To meet the demands of today’s clients, simplicity and user-friendliness have never been more fundamental. Our clients expect practical, digital solutions, at their fingertips.  
This is an area where APRIL International really stands out. The Easy Claim app is a unique tool, where claims are easily submitted, and clients are serviced quickly. And I think the introduction of TeleHEALTH online consultations and Second Medical Opinion are progressive developments for the Easy Claim app.

For Pacific Prime, this gives us great confidence knowing that our clients are going to have a smooth claims experience, so I’d encourage APRIL to keep on innovating in this space!" Maria-Jose Lopez, Individual Sales Department Manager at Pacific Prime Singapore 

To learn more about how the flexibility of our health insurance products in Asia allows individuals and families to tailor coverage to themselves and their loved ones, you can learn more in our previous WeCare video here.

If you want to discover more about the user-friendly functionality our Easy Claim app offers our MyHEALTH members, you can find more information here.

If you are currently looking for health insurance coverage in Asia you can find out more about our MyHEALTH plans and feel free to contact us to receive a quote today.

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