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We’re thrilled to introduce our new video series - #WeCare! Each month get the chance to meet the people behind APRIL International Care Asia – our team of experts, but also our partners whom we work hand in hand to serve our clients better.  

Through #WeCare, discover who we are, what we do and how we innovate every day to transform our customer experience.

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In this first episode, find out more about our best-selling health plan, MyHEALTH.

MyHEALTH, Your Flexible International Health Insurance Plan

"At APRIL, we believe you should only have to pay for what you need. This is why we created MyHEALTH. MyHEALTH is a flexible health insurance plan that can be customised to meet your needs and find a price that is right for you. All our clients are different and our plans have been designed to offer adapted solutions for each of them. And you can always trust our advisors to work with you to design a cover around what matters most - your health. 

Our plans are also straightforward and simple to understand so you can make easier, better-informed decisions. We use technology to serve our customers better and offer a fully digital subscription process. From creating your quotation in real-time to subscribing to your policy, everything can be done online, in just a few clicks." Fiona JI, Senior Sales Manager at APRIL International Asia. 

MyHEALTH, International Health Insurance That Fits Your Needs

"APRIL MyHEALTH can be customisable to your different needs. For instance, if your employer offers medical benefits as part of your employment package, MyHEALTH can be an option to supplement your health coverage if it’s lacking in any aspect. Or if you’re looking to enhance your dental coverage at the same time, MyHEALTH is definitely worth exploring.

One of the unique features of MyHEALTH is its flexibility of everyone taking different levels of cover.

I have a client who was exploring health insurance for his family of 4. Given the different needs of each member, he was happy with my proposal when I suggested that both adults sign up for comprehensive cover which includes inpatient, outpatient, and dental while the newborn twins take inpatient and outpatient which covers them for hospitalisation, check-ups, and vaccination." Melissa Lim, Health Insurance Specialist.

If you’re ready to take the next step, explore our MyHEALTH plans for expats in Asia, or contact us today to request a quote.

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