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In celebration of International Women's Day 2020, we are sharing the portraits of four women behind APRIL. Today, meet MyLan, the General Manager of APRIL Vietnam. 

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Can you tell us about how you began your career at APRIL and your role within the company?

I was introduced to APRIL (formerly GlobalHealth) by the CEO who was looking to hire a General Manager for APRIL Vietnam. Successfully fulfilling the position, that was now over 10 years ago!  As the General Manager, I perform many tasks and work with many intermediaries. For instance, I work with our local insurer for existing and new business projects, with the local authority for tax issues and relevant business certificates and with local vendors (bank, accounting services company, lawyers, audit company). I am in charge of recruiting and training our local staff, managing team operations, including the underwriting and claims teams and sharing my medical knowledge and insurance experiences to my regional colleagues on complex underwriting and/or claims cases. I also support our Sales Team during client meetings and our brokers to help them better understand about our products and benefits and all relevant procedures of operations.

What do you like about your position?

It may be said that my medical doctorate degree, 21 years of insurance experience and soft skills make me extremely suitable for this position. I feel confident in performing my role and I have completed it successfully ever since day one. Looking back at the last 10 years, I do indeed feel very happy to see the Vietnam office developing and growing (from 2 staff members at the beginning to 12 now). Most operations like sales, customer services, underwriting or claim assessment are actioned at our local office. More and more clients know about APRIL and more and more brokers/agents are working with us. Our service to International Healthcare Plan is rated number ONE in the Vietnam market by many brokers. I love my job.


What is the most challenging thing about your job? What is the most rewarding?

Within the competitive Health Insurance market, we strive to keep our services for our customers at top priority, constantly asking our customers what they want, what improvements they would like to see, regular training of staff, creating more tools and guides for our Customers, Agents and Brokers alike. For instance, we are trying to make our clients' lives easier and offer more digital tools and services - our mobile app Easy claim, for example. We have to adhere to local regulations which sometimes will have an impact on the flow or ease of a project. The regulations state original invoices/receipts from clients for all claim reimbursements must be submitted.  In Hong Kong and Singapore, this is not a regulation, so more customers use the app there than here in Vietnam. At least, with the offering of Easy Claim, our customers can start the reimbursement process sooner and follow by sending their originals.

Thanks to my position, I have been expanding my relationship with many people. I have many chances to meet and work with professional persons of other companies. They may be our clients, producers and providers… Upon their feedback, I can look at our services and improve them accordingly. In addition, I can support and advise my regional colleagues on complex medical cases. 

Vn%20team.jpgYour team is composed mostly of women. How do you think this impacts the dynamic of the company?

At the moment, I have a wonderful team which include 10 beautiful ladies. They are young, dynamic, multi-talented, hardworking and eager to learn new things. Their teamwork is impeccable. Besides their daily tasks, they are willing to go the extra mile. It’s not difficult to see the women are quite suitable to the insurance industry, especially the tasks of the operation department. They have been contributing to the success of APRIL Vietnam for many years and will continue it in the future.

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