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All week, we have been introducing APRIL International Care's female leaders in the Asia Pacific region. Today, we are closing our series of interviews with Carolina, our Head of Sales for Singapore and Indonesia.

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Can you tell us more about your job at APRIL? 

I work as Head of Sales for Singapore and Indonesia. My job is very dynamic, in one day I can be delivering training to a broker, preparing business proposals and having conference calls with our team based around the world. I help our intermediaries learn, promote and sale APRIL International in Singapore and Indonesia. This job actually suits me since I like to listen. Yes, listen! For me, It’s more important to learn what my client thinks and wants rather than talking them through what I have to say. We provide medical insurance solutions for individuals, families and corporates and we are indeed able to adapt our offer to their needs.

Have you faced barriers, as a woman, to become successful in your field? If so, how did you overcome them?

For women, “overcoming is in our DNA!”  I think we all have barriers to conquer. I believe that with dedication and self-confidence we can reach anything we desire. It may sounded cliché, but I bet that anyone who's reading this now will agree that their greatest achievements in life were first felt within. Insurance is a tough industry, with many men! But I also see incredible women succeeding. I try to overcome my own fears and limitations by surrounding myself with inspiring people (specially people with different characteristics to myself to enable me to learn from them and to see things in different perspectives). I should say that as a woman, we are raised or trained to be perfect in everything we do and that is our major everyday-challenge. I just remind myself that not all days are great and try to evaluate pros and cons in any situation.

I love being a woman, it’s the best thing I have! We can multitask beautifully as nobody else can. I don’t really believe we are as hysterical as people try to say we are!

You’re a parent with a busy job. How do you juggle work with family life?

I was raised in a family with very busy parents, for me it was normal watching them leave for work and come back late and they always made me feel important. Now that I have my own family, the message I want to send to my daughter, is that her mama might have a busy life but all my deepest feelings are for her. I try to keep things fun and spontaneous as much as possible. The weekends are my oasis and are fully dedicated to my family (and myself). We are very active with plans all the time, I like the idea of her seeing her mother not only working but enjoying her time when she is at home.

On International Women’s Day, what is the most important message you want to send out to young women thinking about their careers?

Do not forget that everything depends on how much you want something and how prepared you are to get it. Embrace your gender and love yourself for that. Nobody else can wear a beautiful dress and kick butts at the same time. Only women (and Scottish maybe) !

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