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APRIL International is proud to announce the winning of another 3 awards, this time at the 2022 Global Banking & Finance Awards.

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APRIL International’s Easy Claim app wins Best Health Insurance App in Asia 2022 

As part of APRIL’s digital transformation, Easy Claim integrates every phase of the insurance journey into one single digital tool. As of today, it is the best-rated insurance app in the Asia market, winning multiple awards in the past few years, including this year’s Most Innovative Health Insurance App in Asia at the Global Business Review Magazine Awards.  

With Easy Claim, all APRIL members can access their insurance services digitally, from claims submission to telehealth services. In line with our commitment to evolve with the needs of our customers, Easy Claim is being improved all year long with new features and innovations. 

“With Easy Claim, accessing quality healthcare services has never been easier for our members. Just by tapping on a single button, members are able to submit claims, find a medical provider and request online consultations from a network of over 50,000 medical experts,” comments Diane Ricart, COO of APRIL International Care. 

Check out the list of awards won for Easy Claim: 

  1. Most Innovative Health Insurance App Asia 2022  
  2. Best Health Insurance App Asia Pacific 2020  
  3. Marketing Initiative of the Year 2020  
  4. Service Initiative of the Year 2020  

APRIL International is named Best Health Insurance Company for Digital Transformation in Asia 2022 

Our ambition has always been to innovate and develop digital solutions to better cater for the needs of our clients. As part of this ambition, recent years have seen the creation and development of many digital tools to better support our members, some of which have been awarded for their excellence in service delivery.  

“APRIL has always operated on the sole focus of delivering high-quality services to all our clients and partners. With the constant development and enhancement of our digital solutions, we are delivering better levels of services, more efficiently and seamlessly. This is one of our main areas of focus. We will continue to invest in better customer journeys by combining digital services with an expert human touch.” adds Romain Di Meglio, CEO of APRIL International Care. 

APRIL International’s online quotation and subscription platform has been awarded Excellence in Innovation for Health Insurance in Asia 2022 

Our online sales funnel allows our members and intermediaries to create and customise quotations for our best-selling insurance product, MyHEALTH. Members can then apply for their insurance policy and settle their payment via the funnel, making the process much easier. With this platform, paperwork is eliminated as every step of the insurance purchasing process can be done quickly and conveniently on this platform.

The introduction of our funnel is part of our digital transformation effort, assisting us in providing convenience to our members and increasing efficiency in processing applications and issuing insurance policies.

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