Key features of PallasHEALTH Singapore

  • PallasHEALTH is a top-end health insurance product administered by APRIL International. It is our most comprehensive coverage and offers you comfortable limits to make sure you are fully covered in in case of hospitalisation or major treatment.

  • Our customer service teams are all based in Asia, including Singapore, so we can remain available at any time and provide you with the highest level of service.

  • We can issue guarantees of payment in most healthcare facilities worldwide to make you don’t won’t have to pay anything out of pocket in case of hospitalisation.

  • Get peace of mind that you will receive the same coverage and services whether you are in Singapore or abroad. Our policies are also portable, so you may keep your plan if you decide to relocate outside Singapore.

  • For more convenience, you may access all your insurance services via our single app, Easy Claim. Submit your claims, enjoy telehealth services, search medical providers, and much more.

High-End Singapore Health Insurance
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PallasHEALTH Singapore is an international high-end medical insurance plan. Whether you are in Singapore or travelling abroad, you will get a comfortable coverage of $5,000,000 per year, with option to be covered in the United States. Rest assured that your medical expenses will be fully covered in case of major illness or treatment.

To best meet your needs, we offer you 3 optional modules on top of your Hospital & Surgery cover: you may choose to add outpatient, maternity or dental/optical benefits. Medical assistance benefits are also included in all plans and will cover you up to $1,000,000 should the unexpected arise.

With PallasHEALTH, we are committed to offer you the highest level of service you can expect from a premium medical plan. Our customer support teams are based in Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong or Thailand, and will be able to assist you anytime, anywhere. And because we also want to offer you the best of technology, all your insurance services are available in just a few clicks with our multiple awards-winning Easy Claim app.

All prices listed are in US dollars (USD).

Our team of expert advisors is available to help you design a personalised cover that may meet the needs of your family and yourself. Reach out to them today by phone at +65 9517 5738, by email at or simply click on the button below to get a personalised quotation.

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Hospital and surgery
  • Annual limit per person per period of insurance

    • Standard private room
    • Outpatient srgery
    • Cancer treatment


Outpatient - optional benefit
Maternity - optional benefit

$15,000 per pregnancy

Dental and optical - optional benefit
24/7 evacuation, repatriation and assistance services

Up to $1,000,000

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What makes PallasHEALTH Singapore unique?
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with Easy Claim and TeleHEALTH
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for our members
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with Asia-based customer teams
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to enjoy cashless medical treatment
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for peace of mind
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if you move outside Singapore

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