Why choose PallasHEALTH as your health insurance plan in Hong Kong?

  • PallasHEALTH is the most premium insurance product of the APRIL suite. It offers you a comfortable annual limit so you can get peace of mind that you will be fully covered in case of hospitalisation or major illness. 

  • Get the same level of cover whether you are in Hong Kong or abroad. Choose between Worldwide or Worldwide excluding North American and the Caribbeans as area of cover. 

  • You have a total freedom to choose your medical providers. We also have a network of over 4,800 direct billing providers in Asia where you can enjoy cashless access. 

  • Our plans are portable, and you may keep your plan with you if you relocate outside Hong Kong with no further underwriting.

  • All your insurance services are available in one single app: Easy Claim.

  • We accept applications up to 60 years old and offer lifetime renewals. There is no more age band jump after 70 years old.

High End Hong Kong Health Insurance
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PallasHEALTH Hong Kong is a premium health insurance plan that will offer you comprehensive coverage in Hong Kong and abroad. With an annual limit of $5,000,000, you can rest assured that you and your family will be fully covered in case of major illness or hospitalisation.

PallasHEALTH is composed of 4 modules. Hospital & Surgery will form the base of your cover, and you may choose to add optional benefits such as outpatient, maternity or dental and optical. If you already benefit from a company plan but would like to enhance your cover, you may also use PallasHEALTH as a top-up plan by choosing among our 4 levels of deductibles.

With PallasHEALTH, receive the highest level of service with our Asia-based customer support teams, who will be there to support you whenever you need to receive medical treatment. And because we strive to make insurance easy for our members, you can also access all your insurance services via our award-winning Easy Claim app.

All prices listed are in US dollars (USD).

To find out more about PallasHEALTH, our experts advisors are at your disposal and would be happy to walk you through our plans: don’t hesitate to reach them at +852 2978 3917, via email at advisors.asia@april.com or click on the button below to request a quotation.

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Hospital and surgery
  • Annual limit per person per period of insurance

    • Standard private room
    • Outpatient surgery
    • Cancer treatment 


Outpatient - optional benefit
Maternity - optional benefit

$15,000 per pregnancy

Dental and optical - optional benefit
24/7 evacuation, repatriation and assistance services

Up to $1,000,000

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Why choose PallasHEALTH Hong Kong health insurance?
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