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Why MyHEALTH stands out as a Singapore health insurance plan

  • MyHEALTH insurance has been specially designed with the flexibility to meet your needs. Its unique structure allows you to build your own plan by choosing optional benefit modules like outpatient, dental & optical and maternity as well as to choose what level of benefits you need.

  • We make a point of offering affordable prices for your whole family, with discounts starting at 5% for couples and up to 15% for families with 5 members or more.

  • MyHEALTH Insurance plans in Singapore now offer Continuous Personal Medical Exclusions (CPME) when switching from other approved international health insurance plans. Now you can change insurers while having no breaks in cover, no new premium loadings, no new waiting periods and continued coverage of health conditions you’re currently covered for.

  • MyHEALTH is registered onshore in Singapore, fulfilling any insurance obligation with superior local service while providing the high calibre coverage and benefits you expect from an international medical insurance plan.

  • We offer you multiple underwriting options: Full Medical Underwriting, Moratorium and Continuous Personal Medical Exemptions (CPME), which provides the opportunity to cover your pre-existing conditions in a number of ways.

  • Getting reimbursed is even easier with our Easy Claim app, which allows you to send your medical claims from your phone and check their status wherever you are.

  • With over 800 doctors and clinics participating in our outpatient direct billing network here in Singapore, it helps take some of the stress out of looking after the health of you and your family.

What benefits does MyHEALTH offer in Singapore?
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MyHEALTH offers unmatched flexibility in building your own health insurance plan that covers private healthcare costs in Singapore and around the world. Whether you’re just looking to top up your cover for hospital bills, or covering expensive diagnostic tests or maternity care, you can pick and choose plan modules that suit your needs.

MyHEALTH provides three main levels from which to select and choose the cover you would like. Essential provides main coverage which is suitable in the event of most illnesses; while Elite provides a wider variety of benefits and features from covering major illnesses to daily expenses. You can select one of these three coverage levels for your hospitalisation & surgery benefits, as well as any optional outpatient, maternity and dental/optical benefit modules.

As an international health plan that’s locally admitted in Singapore, MyHEALTH can be purchased by anyone 65 years old or under, including expats, permanent residents and Singaporean nationals. If you already have an international health insurance plan, you can apply on a Continuous Personal Medical Exclusion (CPME) basis, which allows you to switch plans while maintaining the same or similar cover, without needing to complete another medical questionnaire.


MyHEALTH is underwritten by Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd and arranged and administered by APRIL Singapore Pte Ltd

All prices listed are in Singaporean dollars (SGD)

If you want to speak with one of our expert advisors about finding a suitable health insurance solution for you, you can either call us at +65 9517 5738, send an email to or click on the button below to personalise your plan online.

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Hospital and surgery
  • Annual limit per person per period of insurance 

    • Private room option 
    • Emergency dental treatment
    • Diagnostic scans and tests

    4 levels of deductibles: $0, $2,000, $5,000 or $10,000 




Outpatient - optional benefit
Maternity - optional benefit

$7,000 per pregnancy

$13,500 per pregnancy

$20,000 per pregnancy

Dental and optical - optional benefit
24/7 evacuation, repatriation and assistance services
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Options to help you save on your premium

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Take a deductible on your inpatient module

MyHEALTH Singapore offers 4 levels of deductible options for your health insurance plan.

  • $0
  • $2,000
  • $5,000
  • $10,000 

The deductible only applies to the benefits provided under the inpatient coverage of your plan, so even if you are looking for an inpatient-only medical insurance plan, you would still be able to save on your premium.

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Get co-insurance for your outpatient module

If you need outpatient coverage, you can also decide whether or not you want to have co-insurance to help reduce your premium.

  • Nil co-insurance: with nil co-insurance you will have full access to our Asian direct billing network.
  • 20% co-insurance: with 20% co-insurance, you will only be able to use direct billing in our panel network, however the 20% co-insurance will be waived when using these facilities.

The co-insurance only applies to treatments covered under the outpatient module.

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Choose the Specified Inpatient Provider option

Another way to save money on your premium is to choose the Specified Inpatient Providers option for your inpatient coverage. This option means that you get a substantial reduction to your premium in exchange for only being covered for inpatient treatment at specific public and private hospitals.

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Complementary benefits included with your MyHEALTH insurance plan

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Access our services through the Easy Claim app

All members with a MyHEALTH insurance plan in Singapore have access to our Easy Claim App, available on iPhones and Android phones. The Easy Claim App provides you with a range of services and capabilities including:

  • Accessing your electronic member card
  • Submitting your claims electronically
  • Arranging telemedicine services
  • Requesting a letter of guarantee for planned hospitalisation & surgery
  • Searching for medical providers by type, geographic proximity and more
  • Accessing relevant insurance contacts in case of emergencies or questions about your policy
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TeleHealth services

All of our MyHEALTH insurance plans in Singapore include complementary telemedicine services, that you can arrange through our Easy Claim App. These multi-lingual services include:

  • Physician callbacks
  • Second medical opinions

Through these services you can speak with a leading medical professional in a matter of hours.

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Convenient, cash-free access to healthcare through our direct billing network

To help make sure you have easy access to quality healthcare, MyHEALTH members with outpatient benefits can access one of our direct billing networks for cash-free, convenient treatment.

  • Outpatient cover with no co-insurance: If you choose an outpatient module with no co-insurance, you can access both our Asia-wide general network of over 3,800+ doctors and clinics, as well as our panel network partners.
  • Outpatient cover with 20% co-insurance: If you choose an outpatient module with 20% co-insurance, you can use direct billing within our panel network, where the 20% co-insurance is waived.
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Be proactive about your health with adult preventative screenings

All MyHEALTH international health insurance plans in Singapore now come with coverage for adult preventative screenings, even if you choose a hospitalisation only plan. This means you can enjoy up to $300 cover per person in our panel network for the following preventative health screenings:

  • Mammography for women 40 years old and above
  • Pap smears for women aged 19 years old and above
  • Prostate screenings for men aged 40 years old and above

If you include Extensive or Elite outpatient coverage with your plan, coverage for health screenings - including those for children - become much more substantial.

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A wide range of emergency assistance services

Every MyHEALTH insurance plan in Singapore comes with a complementary emergency assistance platform managed by APRIL Assistance. This provides every MyHEALTH member with international medical and travel assistance, with such benefits as:

  • Emergency medical evacuation and medically supervised repatriation, including by air ambulance
  • Dispatch of medication and medical equipment that is not available locally
  • Cash advance and other assistance in cases of lost or stolen personal effects abroad
  • A variety of other international medical and travel assistance services

Whether you have a hospitalisation only plan or complete comprehensive benefits, every member has access to these services without any additional impact on your premiums.

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Why choose MyHealth Singapore health insurance?
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Easy reimbursements
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with the Easy Claim app
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Discounts up to 15%
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for families
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Direct payment
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of hospital charges
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Cover for major health issues
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including cancer, kidney dialysis and organ transplant
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Cashless service
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within our Asian medical network
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Policy portability
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for when you move country

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