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Having to deal with a medical emergency can be stressful and worrying, even more so when you're away from home. At APRIL International Care, we put the customer at the center of everything that we do.

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We offer a wide range of international health insurance plans for both individuals and businesses and provide assistance services 24/7 365 days a year. Our expertise allows us to design insurance products to meet your needs, whether you are moving abroad with your family or travelling on business.

From regular checkups to emergency medical care abroad, our policies are specifically designed to make sure you have access to the best medical care wherever life takes you.

Let’s hear what our clients say about us below:

I recently had a complicated claim that involved my company insurance and APRIL. Sonia and the team at APRIL were fantastic in helping through the process, they even scanned the planet for a specialist who could fix my unique problem. I felt that I was important to them, and I was never "bounced" around or sent to portals/websites as a first response, like so many other experiences I have had. They were flexible and personable... well done and a big thank you!

Bill from Singapore – via Trustpilot 

The entire APRIL team was very responsive during the entire process of me asking for a LOG on a very complicated bone marrow transplant for my son. They understood that it was a very stressful time, first emotionally dealing with a sick child and secondly having to deal with the financial implications of the treatment. At no point were they annoyed or rude; in fact, they were very empathetic during the entire process. Definitely would rank them as an insurer to go with.

Colin from Singapore – via Trustpilot 

Since moving to Vietnam in 2019, APRIL has given me ultimate peace of mind while being far from home. I'm especially happy with the customer care team, the extensive network of healthcare providers with direct billing, and international coverage.

Khoa from Vietnam – via Google 

Excellent experience working with APRIL to arrange my 3-year-old son's surgery. Whilst his treatment was initially declined due to the two doctor's poorly written referral letters, I was given over the phone advice on which specialist to see next, and the information needed for the surgery to be covered. I very much felt that APRIL supported me throughout this process, far more than the actual doctors that we saw for my son's condition.

Lucy from Singapore – via Trustpilot

I had to do an outpatient emergency gastroscopy. The approval process usually takes about 5 days. But given the urgency of the case according to the doctor, Ms. Jasmine wasn't just friendly, empathetic, but extremely efficient and helpful. She speedily sent the request form for me to fill out and helped me follow up with the approval team. So, I could get the procedure done the next morning in time. I'm grateful for her help. I give Jasmine the highest rating for her professionalism and understanding patient's needs, and she's definitely an asset to APRIL.

Emily from Hong Kong – via Trustpilot

I called the hotline as it's my first time submitting an advance request form, with many questions. Fortunately, I got to speak to Ms. Julieta DUCAYAG, who's been so patient and helpful; she went through the policy with me and solved all my puzzles. She managed to give me the assurance that April will process my request in a professional and timely manner. A rep who can gain customer's trust in a short phone call is not trivial. Julieta is one of the most patient reps I've come across.

Winnie from Hong Kong – via Trustpilot

Geraldine from APRIL was super helpful and considerate when going through my priorities for health insurance. She helped provide me with numerous materials and information to help guide and was not pushy at all in selling. I felt very comfortable purchasing APRIL insurance following interactions with her, and happy that I was buying with confidence.

Tim from Hong Kong – via Google

Insurance made easy with APRIL

APRIL is committed to making insurance easy. We pride ourselves on the superior level of customer service we provide to our clients. Our team works hard to ensure every client receives the attention they deserve, and that every case is handled with care.

With our Easy Claim app, you can submit medical claims, access your member eCard, get in touch with a doctor, search for medical providers in Asia, and so much more.

We'd love to hear how we're doing in your opinion! Please take a few minutes to let us know how much we are meeting your expectations so that we can continue to provide a better experience for you, your family, or your employees.

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