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Finding a doctor in Singapore
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Singapore has one of the best healthcare systems in the world with highly-trained doctors who studied and worked in the city or abroad as well as world-class medical facilities. However, they all charge different prices and it is sometimes tricky to find a trustworthy practitioner without spending all of your earnings. Here is our advice for choosing a general physician or a dentist in Singapore.

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Doctors in Singapore

You can find both local and expatriate doctors in Singapore. Local physicians often supplement their diploma from the National University of Singapore with an international experience. Then, they get approval from the Singapore Medical Council. Appointments are more or less expensive according to the place you live in and the facility the doctor works in (public or private). Sometimes, the price of appointments decreases after the first visit. 

General physicians and dentists are available in clinics, hospitals and medical centres 7 days a week and often until 12pm. 

Public or private facility?

Expatriates may choose between a public hospital (also called polyclinic) and a private clinic: in both cases, you will get high-quality care. However, the fees are not the same and depend on the additional services you may ask for (some private hospitals are proud to offer an experience equivalent to a “four-star hotel” stay). If you want to benefit from a first-rate medical network without having to pay any medical fee in advance, do not hesitate to contact our advisors.

List of polyclinics in Singapore
List of hospitals in Singapore

The most popular private hospitals among expatriates are currently the Raffles Hospital and the Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Finding doctors online

If you aren't familiar with any general physician or dentist in Singapore, one easy way to find one and quickly get an appointment is the internet. Thanks to online address lists and comparison sites, you will be able to find a doctor according to your budget, location in Singapore, availability and medical speciality requested. For example, on you can see his/her photo, resume, schedule or fees. also helps you to find who you need and gives you a lot of information on the practitioner’s profile and precise fees. Always make sure to check his/her academic and professional experience.

Foreign language-speaking doctors

If you feel more comfortable talking in your native language with your general physician you should go on the website of your country’s embassy and look for a list of recommended doctors.

Finding a Doctor with APRIL International

APRIL International has an extensive medical network throughout Asia, including thousands of doctors and clinics where eligible MyHEALTH members can use direct billing services to enjoy cash-free access to medical services. However even if you need to pay an claim, the extensive list can help you find a doctor nearby! Members with MyHEALTH Singapore plans can take advantage of our panel network in Singapore, where co-insurance is waived.

Alternatively any APRIL International member can log into our Easy Claim mobile app which lets you search for doctors nearby, at a specific location and even by specialty. Based on your plan, Easy Claim will let you know if you can use direct billing at these medical facilities.

Health insurance that will cover you on your trip to the doctor

If you need flexible health insurance to cover your doctors visits in Singapore or around the world, we can help! Not only do we offer a plan specifically designed to offer Singaporeans, permanent residents and expatriates in Singapore high quality medical benefits with international coverage, we also have a range of international health plans designed for other locations throughout Asia. If you need protection, you can review our products, or contact us today for assistance.

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