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At APRIL International Care, we are constantly looking forward to improving your user experience and making insurance easy for you day after day. Today, we are happy to introduce the brand new design of our Easy Claim app. 

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Enhanced user experience for APRIL members

Because health insurance shouldn't be a hassle, we make a point of offering easy access to all your insurance services. We constantly work on your user experience and are delighted to introduce our brand new Easy Claim menu

Our new menu is more simple, more intuitive and all functions of the app can easily be accessed from your homepage. As always, Easy Claim is unique on the market: whether you need to send your claims for reimbursement, contact a doctor or check your benefits, you only need to install one single app


To discover our new menu, simply make sure your app is installed and up-to-date on your smartphone:  

Easy Claim on the Apple App StoreEasy Claim on the Google Play Store

    Claims are processed faster on Easy Claim!

    Did you know that claims submitted on Easy Claim are processed even faster than those sent by e-mail or by post? Using the app is not only more convenient (simply enter the details of your claims, take a picture of your documents and send them in a few clicks), but it also allows quicker reimbursements. 


    • If you are a Singapore or Indonesia policyholder, note that there is no submission limit on Easy Claim and you may send medical claims of any amount via the app. 
    • For Hong Kong and the Philippines, electronic claims submission will be respectively capped at US$800 and US$400.
    • Last but not least, original documents will be required in Vietnam and Thailand

    I am a Thailand or Vietnam client, should I still use Easy Claim? The answer is yes! Our team will start looking at your claim once they have received it from the app. If your claim is eligible, it will be marked as accepted and you will be reimbursed as soon as we have received your original documents.

    From our new menu, you may also click on "See my Claims History" to follow the status of your claims and once they are processed, to read your claims reimbursement details (Explanations of Benefits) directly on the app. 

    An award-winning app

    Since the launch of Easy Claim 3 years ago, APRIL International Care has introduced many new features and enhancements to remain a key digital player on the insurance market. These constant improvements have been rewarded as the app has already received several awards this year: 

    • Best Health Insurance App Asia Pacific 2020, Global Banking and Finance awards
    • Marketing Initiative of the Year 2020, Insurance Asia Awards 
    • Service Initiative of the Year 2020 (for TeleHEALTH), Insurance Asia Awards 

    New to Easy Claim?
    Discover how to install, log in and use the app:

    Read my Easy Claim guide
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