What is Direct Billing?

APRIL possesses an extensive network of hospitals, clinics and healthcare practitioners where you can enjoy direct billing services across Asia. Simply visit an enrolled practitioner of your choice and show your member card at the counter. You won’t have to pay anything out of your own pocket!


How do I know if I am eligible for direct billing?

To verify your eligibility for direct billing, we invite you to download the APRIL Easy Claim app on your smartphone and once you're signed in, click on the “E-card” button:

  • If the code “DB” is displayed on your card, you are eligible for direct billing within our whole Asia General Network.
  • If the code “PNW” is displayed: 
    • For Singapore clients: you can enjoy direct billing within our Singapore and Hong Kong panel networks.
    • For Hong Kong clients: you can enjoy direct billing within our Hong Kong panel network only.

Where can I find my direct billing list?

In addition to the lists available in the section above, you will also be able to locate healthcare practitioners from our network on our Easy Claim app. Simply click on the button “Find a doctor” and you will be able to search medical providers by location, name and/or specialty. Tick the box “Direct billing only” to see the medical facilities where you are eligible for direct billing.

Alternatively, you may find your direct billing lists below: 

Are there some expenses or treatments that are not eligible for Direct Billing?

  • Any items that haven’t been prescribed by your attending physician
  • Any items that are not covered by your policy
  • Routine medical examinations or check-ups and vaccinations
  • Physiotherapy (unless pre-approval is granted) and complementary medicine
  • Dental treatments
  • Treatments for pre-existing conditions
  • Treatments for general exclusions
  • Moratorium policies are not eligible for direct billing

Note: For treatments above US$250, your provider will request pre-authorisation from us.

Please refer to your direct billing list for the full list of exclusions. 

Download the Easy Claim app: