How to Claim?


For more convenience, we recommend our members to use our direct billing network, where you can receive treatment without any cash advance. If you choose any medical practitioner outside our network or if your treatment is not eligible for direct billing, please follow the below instructions to submit your claims.

Submit your claims in a few clicks on our Easy Claim app!

All of our MyHEALTH policies in Asia allow you to submit claims via our Easy Claim app. 


  • Vietnam, Philippines: Electronic claims submissions are capped at USD800 for Vietnam members and USD400 for Philippines members. Above this amount, please send your original by post to your local office
  • Thailand: After e-submitting your claims, kindly note that original documents will be required for the claims to be processed. Please send your documents by post to your local office
  • Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia: There is no cap for electronic claims submission.

Once you have submitted your claim, you will be able to track its status on Easy Claim and on your Online portal. Once treated, you will receive a claim settlement email including your Explanation Of Benefits (EOB) by email.

Any issues using the app? Read our Easy Claim Guide

Which documents are required for claims?

  • Diagnosis and/or symptoms requiring treatment must appear on your documents. If they don’t appear, please fill in a medical Claim Form.
  • Detailed invoice and payment receipt
  • For treatment related to physiotherapy or any investigation (MRI, CT scans, blood tests, X-rays…), a Claim Form will be required.

We reserve the right the request a Claim Form at anytime.

For any planned hospitalisation or surgery, you must first obtain pre-authorisation from APRIL. Click here to find out more about the procedure.

Any questions about your policy? Download your MyHEALTH Policy Guide! 

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